Monday, January 23, 2017

Colonial Town Meeting October 17, 1774

Hear ye! Hear ye! We have gathered here at the Town Hall to discuss recent events here in our little village. Today you will hear from Patriots, Loyalists, and undecided citizens regarding their opinions about the events unfolding in the Massachusetts Colony. You will hear from Patriots who will explain why they want to break away from Britain, Loyalists who will explain why it is foolish to break away from the most powerful empire on Earth, and some undecided citizens who will discuss how they believe there are good arguments for both sides. Click on the names to hear from the town meeting speakers.

Town Meeting Speakers:
Recent News Part 1: Jamal
Recent News Part 2: Olivia
Recent News Part 3: Harmonie
Recent News Part 4: Erika

Undecided Citizens

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Donors Choose Campaign to raise money for our Rock Climbing Field Trips

Mrs. Holt has been working hard to secure funds for our Rock Climbing Field Trips. Click here to check out her Donors Choose Proposal Page. Fingers crossed we reach our goal!!

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