Sunday, April 2, 2017

Inertia Experiments

Watch our inertia experiments in slow motion...

Marble Track : Students were challenged to hypothesize how the marble would move after exiting a curved marble track. Does it curve or travel in a straight path?

Penny on the Elbow : Watch Angelo catch a penny off his elbow. Once he realized that gravity would pull it in a straight path towards the center of the earth, he was able to very accurately predict where his hand should go in order to successfully catch the penny.

Penny on the Card : Bella demonstrates how the penny was at rest until acted upon my two forces, the force of her finger flicking the card out of the way and the force of gravity pulling the penny into the cup.

Pennies on the Card : Royce tries the penny on the card trick with loads of pennies!

Newton's First Law of Motion




Students completed 4 learning stations to experiment with the concept of inertia.

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