Thursday, May 25, 2017

Port Authority/Commercial St. Field Trip

We had a beautiful day for our Port Authority and Commercial Street field trip! The kids had a blast exploring Portland and touring the International Marine Terminal.  During the tour of Commercial Street kids were assigned various roles - Job Seeker, Food Seeker, Fun Seeker, Transportation Seeker, and Photographer. I asked the students to consider why someone would choose to live, work, and play in Portland, Maine. They were challenged with thinking about what makes living in Portland unique. With this information, they are building websites that seek to explain: Why Portland?

This work will provide important background information as we continue exploring the Geography of the regions of the United States. They will need consider why someone might choose to live, work, and play in a variety of places around the country.





Sunday, April 2, 2017

Inertia Experiments

Watch our inertia experiments in slow motion...

Marble Track : Students were challenged to hypothesize how the marble would move after exiting a curved marble track. Does it curve or travel in a straight path?

Penny on the Elbow : Watch Angelo catch a penny off his elbow. Once he realized that gravity would pull it in a straight path towards the center of the earth, he was able to very accurately predict where his hand should go in order to successfully catch the penny.

Penny on the Card : Bella demonstrates how the penny was at rest until acted upon my two forces, the force of her finger flicking the card out of the way and the force of gravity pulling the penny into the cup.

Pennies on the Card : Royce tries the penny on the card trick with loads of pennies!

Newton's First Law of Motion




Students completed 4 learning stations to experiment with the concept of inertia.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Gulf of Maine Research Institute Trip

On Tuesday, February 28th our class visited the Gulf of Maine Research Institute in Portland, Maine. While there, the kids joined the team of scientists working to understand what is happening in the Gulf of Maine. The team asked the kids to help them figure out how five species are connected in the Gulf: cod, lobster, herring, people, and copepods. Students rotated through four interactive learning stations using the scientific method to help answer this question.

At one station the kids used a fishing simulator to help understand the reasons for catch limits and different kinds of nets. They were able to see how scientists and fishermen need to work together to manage the balance of different kinds of fish in the Gulf in order to keep the food web in tact. Another task asked the kids to learn about the warm and cold water copepods by examining them under microscopes in the Gulf of Maine. They were asked to consider how the warming temperature trends in the Gulf might affect the cold water copepods. The kids were able to see how if those little critters are affected, this might disrupt other species in the web. Another highlight is the station where students got to work with a live lobster. They investigate the adaptations that lobsters have to help them survive in their habitat.

As always, this trip allows the kids to explore science in a hands on, interactive, real world way. It is always a highlight of our year! Please enjoy these photos of the kids at work. Also take a minute to explore your child's webpage by following the passport that came home with your child the day of the trip.








Sunday, February 5, 2017

Patriots and Loyalists Play

Seven students volunteered to practice learning lines for a play about the Revolution. They play kids who are trying to understand and explain all the terms surrounding the Revolutionary War.  Click here to enjoy!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Colonial Town Meeting October 17, 1774

Hear ye! Hear ye! We have gathered here at the Town Hall to discuss recent events here in our little village. Today you will hear from Patriots, Loyalists, and undecided citizens regarding their opinions about the events unfolding in the Massachusetts Colony. You will hear from Patriots who will explain why they want to break away from Britain, Loyalists who will explain why it is foolish to break away from the most powerful empire on Earth, and some undecided citizens who will discuss how they believe there are good arguments for both sides. Click on the names to hear from the town meeting speakers.

Town Meeting Speakers:
Recent News Part 1: Jamal
Recent News Part 2: Olivia
Recent News Part 3: Harmonie
Recent News Part 4: Erika

Undecided Citizens

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Donors Choose Campaign to raise money for our Rock Climbing Field Trips

Mrs. Holt has been working hard to secure funds for our Rock Climbing Field Trips. Click here to check out her Donors Choose Proposal Page. Fingers crossed we reach our goal!!

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