Sunday, November 1, 2015

More Explorer Journals

"Today Louis checked our supplies. Luckily they are in ok shape. Baltasar checked our navigation and we are still on course. I miss my family too much. I just want to go back. I will explode if I hear another sailor song. My back is sore from months sleeping in a hammock. I can feel the splinters in my feet from the cracked deck." 
- Manual

"Tonight is particularly dark as the storm rolled in. I couldn't stay on my feet and if we didn't furl the sails, the vessel will capsize. A lot of the crew members were about to fall from the craft, but I am doing my best to help the sailors. Lucky for us, we have good commons sense. I heard thunder, yelling, and more. I felt the wind hitting my face. It stung like needles. " - Diego

"Oh no! The fishing has been poor this week, so our rations have been cut in half. We are so hungry. We are severely off course. Our biscuits are rock hard and have weevils crawling in them. I don't want to eat. The crew does not trust the captain. The morale is not good. Tensions are bad." - Eric 
"We have been sailing for the 3 weeks now and I'm getting used to the splashing waves and the sounds of the sea gulls. Sometimes it can be so silent out here, like when we hit the dead calm. But not today! When I woke up everything was soaking wet. I thought the boat was going to capsize. I got scared and I didn't know if everyone was ok. I don't remember a whole lot, but I do remember that it was a very bad storm and everyone was yelling and running around." - Daniela

 "I don't think I can spend a couple more months on this boat, but I know I have to. The thing is the sailors are singing songs called sea shanties, which is really getting annoying. It reeks on this voyage because our crew members haven't bathed for weeks. I am tired of watching cockroach fighting. It was funny and interesting in the beginning. I'm getting so tired of the food. Bleh! I want to go home and eat my delicious food and take a bath." - Eleanor

 "We were not prepared for the storm. We lost our mizzenmast. It fell and Eric, Audrey, and Estelle were trapped underneath. Our ship's surgeon was one that got hit, so we had no other medical expertise to fix everyone up. All I saw was a flash and then boom. Luckily our ship sustained no major damage. I think I'm going to join the rest of the crew. The captain cannot be trusted!" - Richard

 "Our crew is very angry. We tried our best to calm them down, but we failed. Laura is attacked by an angry crew member. My poor sister! But, because she is so strong, she was able to defend herself. The morale is getting lower. None of us are happy or excited anymore. We just wait. The tensions on the boat are really high." - Estelle

"Someone has been stealing from our supplies. I glare angrily at the convicts. The crew does not trust the captain, but we convinced them to trust just a little longer. My back hurts from sleeping in the hammock for so long. I have smelled things I never thought I would smell. It is horrible." - Simon

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